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"Love Is What Love Does"

About the Film

LOVE GOES PUBLIC is the true story of an unlikely principal’s contagious courage and outspoken faith that transformed the failing schools of Alabama’s “Black Belt.”

Ten years ago Brenda Sullen was asked to rescue a public high school on the brink of chaos. Dropout rates skyrocketing. Crime in the hallways. Drugs and teenage pregnancy creating a dead-end for student’s dreams. Faculty and staff couldn’t keep up with the challenges.

With no experience, dwindling financial resources, and little state support, Principal Sullen turned to the two strengths she knew best: her deep faith in Jesus and her tragedy-to-triumph life story.

Mrs. Sullen and her eighteen siblings grew up in poverty in rural South Georgia. She became an All-American college athlete, mother, wife, and passionate advocate to see others like her turn their tragedies into triumphs.

“God is the key to our story,” she says.


Kevin Flannagan
Executive Producer, Producer

Allison Wilmarth

Kevin Flannagan

Tim Patton
Unit 2 Director

Russell Fill
Director of Photography

Executive Producers
Todd and Toni Holt
Howard and Katherine Porter
Tim and Kim Hudson
Scott Bridge Co.
Scott Land Co.
Andy and Jill Carter
Katherine Lipscomb
Katherine Groves
Brelinda Sullen
RPM Holdings LLC
Cleat and Rhonda Simmons
Bill and Lee Parr


LOVE GOES PUBLIC tells the story of an amazing woman doing an amazing work in the midst of one of the most challenging environments imaginable. As the Principal of two broken and struggling High Schools she walked boldly into the midst of that pain with a strong faith, toughness and love. Believing God sent her and went with her she radically changed these schools. Having grown up in the inner city of Los Angles I firmly believe my story would have had a much better chance of avoiding the demons that grabbed me if she had been the Principal of my high school. She is not afraid to bring Jesus to these kids and it’s changing their world. I love this lady and you will too. Don’t miss this movie.

Darryl StrawberryWorld Series Champion

Love is…Big Bre! Not to her face and not mockingly, but Brelinda Sullen’s “babies” call her that with all love and respect knowing that she truly is sacrificing everything for them. Love is….is the story of this larger than life woman living out her faith in the purest form of work as mission. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cheer but you won’t leave unaffected. Don’t miss it!

Howard PorterYFC, USA Trustee

LOVE GOES PUBLIC - A remarkable, redemptive documentary of one principal, Brelinda Sullen, who changed the landscape of two schools in Alabama’s Macon County School District. The film is powerful, inspiring, and clear in a message that Jesus transforms kids, no matter how hard the circumstances. Seeing this film will leave you with lasting encouragement for days to come.

Brelinda Sullen’s story of sacrificial love embodies the radical teachings of Jesus and demands that every child counts, every child is worth fighting for.

Youth For Christ

In a world where many people are trying to take Jesus out of the environment, it is so refreshing to see what God has accomplished through Brelinda by her bringing Jesus back into the school environment. There is just no other explanation for this type transformation other than the power of Jesus. I pray and hope Brelinda’s courage, sacrifice and passion for shining a light for Jesus for our youth is contagious – if it is we have a very bright future.
Brelinda Sullen’s story of sacrificial love embodies the radical teachings of Jesus and demands that every child counts, every child is worth fighting for.

Todd Holt, CEOITC Holding Company


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